01 Aug 2018

Too often, moving our bodies has become a moralistic ritual called “exercise.” One “must do this” to maintain “health.” In our culture, health is defined as thin and thus, moving our bodies becomes all about attaining a certain body shape or size or about weight loss. This can lead to compulsion or, conversely, avoidance. Moving […]

27 Jul 2018

Being a parent, I know how it works. We want to do everything we can for our kids. And what does that mean for their eating? Are there child nutrition guidelines? All of a sudden, they’re moving on from breastfeeding or formula and I need to find healthy toddler meals. Or, as they grow, they […]

Showing Bravery
24 May 2018

I’m constantly in awe of my clients and their courage to be truly open and transparent in their struggles — and to openly celebrate their victories. Their eating disorder is whispering in their ear, telling them to hide. It’s saying they don’t deserve to be who they are, to take up space, to need help. […]

Cooking dinner for one
22 May 2018

  Dinner for one When I was a kid, I heard about people going to movies alone. And I remember thinking that was kind of strange. Isn’t the point of going out to the movies about doing it together with someone? But then, at some point, I started seeing it differently. In fact, it’s a […]